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Customised Dental Restorations Perth

Dental Crowns, Bridges and Inlays at Dental Linkdental crowns Perth

Dental crowns, a dental bridge or an inlay in Perth Western Australia might be needed if your teeth have been damaged by some form of trauma, decay or age.

Our Wembley Downs, Sorrento and Doubleview dentists understand how vital it is to be able to chew with comfort and confidence. When your teeth don’t work properly, it can impact everything from your health to your self-esteem. It’s our job to help you maintain the integrity of your bite.

Dental inlays, overlays crowns Perth

Dental Inlays, Overlays and Crowns.

Choosing the Best Type of Dental Treatment in Perth

Depending on the severity of tooth decay or damage, we may recommend a restorative treatment such as:

Customised Crowns Perth

restore the structure of tooth above the gums. The crown preserves normal chewing and biting capabilities by dispersing the forces applied to the tooth. It fits over it like rings around a wine barrel.

Teeth Bridge Perth

replace one or more missing teeth. Bridges are supported on natural teeth on each side of the gap or by dental implants.

Porcelain Inlays Perth

are lab-made fillings that repair tooth structure where damage is not as extensive. The tooth is strengthened and easy to care for without unwanted gum irritation.


Get a Personalised Care Plan

Your needs are unique to anyone else. During your visit to Dental Link, our dentists will pay particular attention to the details surrounding your smile needs and take their time to understand what you’re seeking from your dental care. It is our goal to provide accurate, aesthetic restorations that have an excellent fit.

We’ll be happy to discuss any questions or concerns that you have, so that you can choose the best type of restoration for your long-term dental health. Contact us today. We have three convenient locations, with late and Saturday appointments available to suit your schedule.
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