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Whiter Smiles in Wembley Downs, Sorrento and Doubleview

Teeth Whitening at Dental Link

Our Wembley Downs, Sorrento and Doubleview dentists recommend Polar whitening products, which are used by cosmetic dental clinics worldwide. Whitening your teeth is an effective and minimally invasive way to improve the appearance of your smile.

teeth whitening Doubleview

Why Choose a Professional Treatment?

Choosing a custom teeth whitening treatment can help you avoid unwanted side effects from over-the-counter products such as:

  • Tooth sensitivity caused by whitening
  • Chemical burns to your gums
  • Accidentally swallowing the whitening gel

Depending on the type of results and outcome you’re looking for, we offer both take home kits as well as in-office bleaching.
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Take Home Teeth Whitening Kits

For value and predictable results, our custom whitening trays can be used at home. They fit snuggly over your teeth for optimal, even whitening results. To combat sensitivity, we also recommend using calcium-based Toothmousse during your home whitening treatments.

Take home tooth whitening kits allow you to conveniently top up your whitening throughout the year. Refill syringes of bleaching gel are available for purchase at any one of our locations in Doubleview, Sorrento and Wembley Downs.

One Hour Whitening

Looking for a way to quick-start your whitening results or don’t have time to wait on take-home trays? Ask about our One Hour in-chair treatment. Combined with our take home option, this method of whitening creates dramatic results.

Am I a Candidate for Whitening?

You will need to have a dental exam prior to starting a whitening routine to ensure that your teeth are free of decay, disease or aging fillings. It is also important that your teeth have recently been cleaned by one of our hygienists.

Our dentists will discuss which type of whitening treatment is most appropriate for your individual needs so that you can start straight away. Contact Dental Link today for more information.

Teeth Whitening in Wembley Downs, Sorrento and Doubleview | Dental Link