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Dental Fillings

Tooth Coloured Fillings Perth

Man in dental chairWhen you need a filling in a tooth in Perth, you want the filling to fit in seamlessly with your existing teeth to give you a beautiful, natural look. We believe in preserving your teeth whenever possible. Our practice philosophy is to only resort to a dental extraction when absolutely necessary. But tooth decay usually results in a cavity being formed, and if left untreated, this cavity can leave you in pain and eventually lead to larger problems that will cost more to fix in the long run.

At Dentist Perth, we offer a range of services that includes tooth coloured fillings that will blend in with the shade of the rest of your teeth. Nobody will be able to spot your filling. Modern fillings can be durable and long-lasting when cared for within in a regular dental care regime.

Tooth coloured fillings inserted by our dentists in Perth offer many benefits to the look and function of your smile, such as

  • A release of fluoride from a chemical bond that prevents recurrent decay and cavities in neighbouring teeth
  • A custom matched tooth filling to the shade of the rest of your teeth
  • A tight seal between the tooth filling and your tooth, also preventing leakage into adjoining teeth.
Modern dentistry provides for tooth coloured fillings, that unlike previously used metal fillings, cannot be seen in your mouth when you smile or speak, so you can feel confident showing off your gorgeous grin.

Children and adults alike can receive tooth coloured fillings, making them a suitable option for nearly anyone who has experienced tooth decay.

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