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Sleep Dentistry in Wembley Downs, Sorrento and Doubleview

Dental Link Sedation Options

At Dental Link, our Wembley Downs, Sorrento and Doubleview dentists want to keep you comfortable throughout your entire visit. Sometimes that means providing additional time for your procedure. Others situations may even call for sedation, to ensure that your mind is completely at ease.


Why Should You Choose Sleep Dentistry?

sleep dentistry Doubleview and Wembley Downs, SorrentoSometimes called “Twilight Sedation,”IV sedation allows you to complete large amounts of treatment in fewer visits. This safe medication prevents you from making multiple appointments or taking extra time off of work. The moderate IV sedation is administered by a licensed anaesthetist that comes into our office, so you don’t have to have your treatment completed at a hospital.

Other Types of Sleep Dentistry Available

It’s also an option to choose light inhalation sedation or oral sedation, which are safely administered by our Doubleview dentists. These lighter forms of sedation allow you to be responsive throughout the procedure, but limit your anxiety or how much you remember about the visit.

If you’ve delayed your care because of anxiety or fear of what it will feel like, ask how our sleep dentistry options can help. Contact Dental Link today for more information.

Sleep Dentistry in Doubleview, Wembley Downs, Sorrento at Dental Link